Sacha Baron Cohen dismisses Trump and Rudy Giuliani on “ Colbert ”

When Stephen Colbert used his monologue last week to call BS over Rudy Giuliani’s apology for getting caught in a hotel bed with Borat’s daughter, the Last show the host promised he would have it all figured out when Sacha Baron Cohen appeared as his guest on Monday.

As ubiquitous as Baron Cohen led to the premiere of Next Borat movie– now streaming on Amazon Prime Video – it’s still relatively rare for the British actor to sit down for interviews as himself. Colbert therefore wasted no time in trying to get him to reveal the many secrets of his latest project.

“The last time there was a Borat movie, in 2006, Donald Trump wasn’t President of the United States, but everything before that moment I’m sure,” Colbert said. Now that Trump himself has responded to the film by calling Baron Cohen “creep” and “fake,” the host asked, “Do you have a defense against these two charges?”

“Well I’m sure when he was hanging out with his good friend Jeffrey Epstein they probably spent a lot of time talking about how scary I am,” Baron Cohen replied, before admitting that he was a “fake professional, like him.”

From there, he went back to the one and only time he interviewed Trump as Ali G in 2003. “Publicly he will say, ‘I was the only one who saw it through,’ ‘said Baron Cohen. “He didn’t see through the interview. He answered all questions completely normally.

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