Safest election in history? | Dominion Voting Machine Recount and Election Fraud

Were electronic voting machines, such as Dominion and ES&S voting machines, involved in voter fraud? For years, experts have warned that voting machines have security holes, a chain of destruction that could suffer from hacking. And the Trump campaign alleges that a lack of electoral security has resulted in widespread voter fraud and electoral fraud. Three main companies supply 80% of the country’s voting and counting machines: Election Systems & Software or ES&S, Dominion Voting and Hart InterCivic. These are used in many swing states, such as Georgia. Georgia’s vote is now being recounted. Will other counts take place? What will a Trump trial lead to? And could Trump’s Supreme Court give him the recount he wants? Discover America Uncovered! SUPPORT US: Patreon ……. ► SOCIAL: Talk: @AmericaUncovered Facebook … ► Instagram..► Twitter …….. ►.

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