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San Francisco Mayor London Breed attended a birthday party at upscale French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley – a day after Governor Gavin Newsom followed suit and three days before banning dining at inside in restaurants in his own town.

the Chronicle of San Francisco reported on Tuesday:

Breed took a few days off after election day and joined seven other people on the night of November 7 to celebrate the 60th birthday of socialite Gorretti Lo Lui, Breed spokesperson Jeff Cretan confirmed. The party of eight dined in the same type of partially closed room with a ceiling and chandelier as Newsom, making it more of a dining experience inside than outside.

The dinner certainly would have violated San Francisco health guidelines if it had been held in Breed’s own town. San Francisco issued stricter-than-state guidelines for several types of businesses, including restaurants, which weren’t supposed to accommodate groups of more than six indoors or outdoors unless not everyone lives together. Three days after dining at the French Laundry, Breed completely banned indoor dining in San Francisco.

This is just the latest example of a politician not practicing exactly what he continues to preach. When Newsom attended his French Laundry dinner for lobbyist Jason Kinney’s 50th birthday, the party of 12 certainly included more than three households. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her hair done in San Francisco as the salons were closed.

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The mayor of a small town ends the governor’s terms – the path to freedom is with officials who really understand what it is.

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