Schools are all the rage, here’s how to get one

TThe pandemic has turned many parents into teachers, making distance learning difficult for the whole family. This is especially difficult for those who can still walk into their office and cannot be home to supervise, or if the responsibility for homeschooling falls on one of the parents who may also juggle the Work at home. The stress is enormous. A new national survey by Eagle Hill Research of the U.S. workforce found that 65% of employees with children in distance learning situations feel burnt out.

Mom and Dad need more than a relaxing “Calgon Take Me” bath time. Parents looking to expire find relief with “schools”. Families load backpacks with school supplies, pack the laptop and hit the road. Online learning can be done anywhere.

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“Schools provide a dazzling distraction from the dark lockdown of university education that mass distance learning has put in place,” says Karen Aronian, Ed.D. from Aronian Education Design, who consulted with JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton (Marriott) before COVID on how to elevate their environment for young clients and families.

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