Scottish leaders tell Trump to stay away from hell unless he brings tax files

EDINBURGH – Scotland has long prided itself on the warm welcome it offers to visitors, but that was before a pandemic broke out in the world, and it never included President Donald anyway Trump.

It is well documented that Trump was vilified and ridiculed in Scotland long before he approached the White House. Now, with rumors circulating that he is planning an escape to his flagship golf resort on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration, the rulers of his ancestral homeland, Scotland, are not in the mood to forgive and to forget. In fact, it seems there’s only one condition they would welcome him – if he brings a full list of to help explain his murky business relationship there.

Rumor of theft stems from an article in a newspaper The Sunday Post, who cited a source at Prestwick Airport, located about 40 minutes from the Trump Turnberry complex, as saying that a US plane is expected to land there on January 19. The report also states that surveillance planes were spotted on the golf course. , almost as if a very guest was expected there soon.

The country’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday spoke of unverified rumors that Trump would visit Scotland. Sturgeon, who had previously warned that Trump would face “liability” in Scotland if any evidence was found proving his golf courses had been used for money laundering and , said the idea that Trump would surrender during a massive coronavirus outbreak was unthinkable.

Sturgeon said she hoped Trump’s only immediate travel plans were to “get out of the White House,” and the Prime Minister added: “We are not allowing people to enter Scotland without an essential purpose for the moment, and that would apply to him just as well. to anyone, and coming to golf is not what I see as an essential goal.

Patrick Harvie, the co-leader of the Green Party, has already had an argument with Trump. The future president formally accused him of blasphemy during a bizarre hearing in the parliament in 2012. Harvie urged the government to investigate the Trump Organization’s financial transactions in Scotland – a call that prompted this early year Donald Trump Jr. to describe it. as “irrelevant and without effect”.

“It’s a relief that Donald Trump has been sent to pack his bags by the American electorate, but the last place we want him to show up for cover is Scotland,” Harvie told the Daily Beast , asked about the rumors. “While many people would like to see Scottish police arrest him for breaking the non-essential travel law, it would be better for everyone if he was arrested in the United States for far more serious crimes than he committed there. “

Harvie’s colleague Ross Greer MSP told the Daily Beast: ‘The only circumstance I would want to see Trump in Scotland is if he is here to hand over an unvarnished set of and financial disclosures for his Scottish businesses , given the pretty credible evidence submitted to the US Congress linking their purchase to possible money laundering. Otherwise, he can in the United States to sulk over his crushing defeat.

Even Scottish lawmakers who have previously stood up for Trump and what his courses bring to the economy are skeptical of the rumored trip. Brian Whittle, a member of the Scottish parliament who represents the region where Trump Turnberry is located, told the Daily Beast: “The rules are that it should only be essential travel. I hope politicians, especially senior politicians, will lead by example. I would strongly suggest that now is not the time for President Trump to visit Turnberry. “

As for the veracity of the travel rumors, it’s really not yet clear. The Scottish government has told the Daily Beast that it is not currently aware of any plans for a visit, and the British Government’s Foreign Office, which would make arrangements for such a trip, have not returned request for comment. The Scottish government would not question whether Trump’s visit would be illegal under its new lockdown rules.

Meanwhile, local aircraft spotting Facebook groups are abuzz with the rumors, with some posting photos of US Navy planes around Prestwick – but that in itself is not unusual, observers say. “The US Navy has been training at Prestwick for months,” said one observer. Another wrote: “So much frantic guesswork, hope he doesn’t come, the sooner he retires the better, good riddance for bad garbage.”

He has, however, was noted that Trump Turnberry has had all of January booked since November. The resort did not respond to a request for an explanation as to why this might be.

The White House played down but did not deny that there was a plan to get to Scotland. Judd Deere, deputy White House press secretary, told Fox News: “Anonymous sources who claim to know what the president is or is not considering have no idea. When President Trump has an announcement on his plans for January 20, he will let you know.

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