Security on Capitol Hill increased following warning of militia ‘conspiracy’ – Dateway

Capitol said Tuesday that security was being tightened in Washington following an intelligence warning that militias were planning a breach on Thursday, March 4.

Capitol Hill is already surrounded by a massive fence topped with barbed wire, with thousands of National Guard still stationed within its perimeters, but apparently that’s not enough.

Fox 5 News reports that Capitol ‘sources’ have warned that the militia group the Three Percent, who have been accused of being involved in the January 6 riot, plan to cause another breach this week.

Joe Biden was again seen doing the bare minimum at his job during a brief public press conference.

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Fox News also reported that March 4 is the day QAnon supporters believe President Trump will return and be reinstated, as that was historically the day presidents were invested.

The report also states that “there are also discussions around March 20, the day the Republican Party came into being in 1834. And, there is even noise around April 15: Federal Tax Day. on income. “

As previously reported, the Capitol Chief has offered to erect a permanent fence around the of government in Washington.

Internal documents also indicated that DC authorities want to keep National Guard in place during the summer and fall.

The of January 6 were used to build a military presence around the of government, which is now held in place with new “threats” starting weekly as justification.

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