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When shelter in place went into effect in U.S. cities in 2020, so did many households nationwide. (No judgment, here.) Happy hours started at different times of the day, and the hurdle of finding a designated driver is a thing of the past (unless you need a chaperone from barcart on the couch. Once again, each to theirs!) But we step aside. Whether you’ve been pushing your throughout the pandemic or planning to abuse them during the holiday season, there’s no better time to reset with a dry January.

The dry challenge: how to lose alcohol for dry January, sober October, and any other alcohol-free month is the book that is going to help you (dare we say so?) have fun by abstaining from wine, beer, and spirits for the first 31 days of the year, or any other month you choose. If February works better for your schedule, you are the one doing it.

First of all: why do a Dry Jan? Whatever the reason that motivates you the most! We know alcohol doesn’t exactly garner 5-star reviews in the department, so it’s no surprise that overwhelming numbers that Dry January participants are losing weight, sleeping better, feeling sick. ‘accomplishment and have more energy. Not to mention, participants often report lighter skin. And, if a credit card bill is any indication, they save money too! After all, you ’t be spending $ 15 per fine cocktail in a dry month.

Ok, so… how do we get these amazing, beautifying, wallet-friendly perks? The book delves into how to recruit friends to support him, date without “going out for a drink,” and politely responding to sober naysayers of the month. It also delves into fun activities that will occupy your time (and brighten up your day) without crawling through bars or drinking getaways during the day – including trying out new workouts, journaling throughout the month, and finding dishes to prepare in the kitchen. Speaking of food, the book provides step-by-step recipes for baked goods, as well as non-alcoholic drink recipes to satisfy specific cravings.

Whether it’s your very first dry January or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll find this guide useful, entertaining, and informative. Heck you could even extend for another month without alcohol. Bonus points: hangovers not included.

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