Senate witness leads group with long-standing anti-Vaxx cause

She’s a doctor, anti-vaxxer, and, according to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a “conspiracy theorist” who tries to “spread myths and lies about Covid vaccines.” Now Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has invited her to share her thoughts on a coronavirus vaccine with the Senate.

Dr Jane Orient is not just any former anti-vaccine activist, however. She heads the very conservative Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), an organization that has become the absolute right’s go-to source for a conservative twist on everything from vaccines, masks, Obamacare and hydroxychloroquine to whether Hillary Clinton was “neurologically disabled” during the 2016 campaign.

Orient is the only paid adviser listed in the 2018 IRS filings for the American Health Legal Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the AAPS that takes legal action, and she is expected to appear before the Senate committee on Tuesday. to talk about early outpatient treatment during COVID. -19 pandemic. the New York Times was the first to report on his next testimony.

Orient, who received his medical degree from Columbia University, spoke at length with The Daily Beast in a telephone interview on Monday.

“The aim is to raise questions about the role of government in removing or discouraging or banning drugs long approved for early outpatient treatment of the virus,” Orient said of his testimony. “The media went viral and said if you take that bad drug [hydroxychloroquine] you can die and go blind. And yet, the evidence indicates that it acts as a protective measure.

She added: “The vaccine has definitely been rushed. The manufacturers, the government, just the people… are desperate. “

His remarks come as states across the country work to contain increasingly severe infection, hospitalization and death rates, and the federal government tries to build confidence in the expected COVID-19 vaccine. start distribution next week.

“If we didn’t obstruct, there would be so much less pressure on the vaccine and we wouldn’t need to cut corners on vaccine testing,” Orient said.

Some of the government’s top scientists, including Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s foremost infectious disease specialist who will become President-elect Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, have previously said that the trials have “consistently” shown the hydroxychloroquine was “not effective” in treating coronavirus infections and the drug may pose a significant risk if prescribed in the wrong setting. Orient has insisted that these fears are exaggerated.

“One hundred thousand people may have died needlessly [during the pandemic]Said Orient. “There are all these postures that we need to be scientific. Well, there are about 70 years of information on the safety of hydroxychloroquine. And there have been a large number of studies done that may not meet the high standards of high-control trials, but show some benefit of hydroxychloroquine in early disease along with zinc.

Orient, without evidence, has accused doctors of stopping the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients in part because of Trump’s promotion of the drug as a possible therapy in treating the virus.

“[Trump] wasn’t exactly touting it… he was mentioning it as a possible game-changer and people opposed just because he said so, ”Orient said. “So now doctors are telling patients we are not treating COVID. We’ll give you a test and if it’s positive lock yourself in a room and call 911 if you can’t breathe. “” The patients are sick and die needlessly. “

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