Senile Biden calls herself ‘grandmother’ – Dateway

Speaking in Philadelphia on Sunday, Joe Biden described himself as a ‘grandmother’ and said he wore an Eagles jacket, when everyone could see it was a jacket Delaware Blue Hens.

At one of his monster gatherings in front of literally dozens of people, Biden pointed the finger at his granddaughter and said, “I’m Finnigan Biden’s grandmother.”


Grandmother of the president? No thanks.

Earlier today, Biden attempted to woo the support of dozens more by saying, β€œI was very happy to have the nickname of third senator from Pennsylvania. By the way, I married a Philly.

β€œAnd I have my Eagles jacket,” Biden said, pointing to the Delaware Blue Hens jacket he was wearing:

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Elsewhere during Biden’s speech, he cheaply called President Trump a “ virus. ”

“To beat the virus, we have to beat Donald Trump,” Biden shouted needlessly to the ten people present, adding, “It’s the virus.”

You don’t have to worry about voting for BIden because it is clear that by the way he addresses his constituents he already has the plan to steal the election no matter what the outcome.

Biden ended the “ surprise ” campaign after the Washington Post reported on Sunday that Democrats feared Pennsylvania would see a “potential late change” to Trump.

The report notes that after weeks of touting the mail in the vote, Democrats are now worried about “problems” with the system.

Biden’s previous comments on the oil and gas industry’s “ transition ”, which have been heavily criticized by Trump during his rallies, also concern Democrats.

Of course, the fact that the leftists burned down Philadelphia for a week and Biden said next to nothing was also a contributing factor, with the paper noting that Democrats “ cringe ” as events unfolded.

At one of four rallies on Sunday, Trump told a Michigan crowd that he believed anyone who burned the American flag should be jailed:

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