Seth Meyers destroys Trump’s ‘Don’t be afraid of COVID’ nonsense

Seth Meyers was not the first late-night host to cover the massive coronavirus outbreak in the White House. But perhaps he has the most to say.

the Late at night The host devoted his “A Closer Look” segment Monday night to everything that has happened since President Donald Trump announced he tested positive for COVID-19 early Friday morning. And he started with the President’s assurance that he learned from his experience.

“I learned that by really going to school,” Trump said in a video message from the hospital, adding, “This is the real school, this is not the ‘Let’s read the book’ school. , and I understand, and I understand it. “

Now did you learn a lot about COVID ?! Meyers asked. “Maybe you could have looked at it a bit before you and seven million other Americans got it. You can learn to cross the street safely without being hit by a bus first. “

And then there was the “incredibly reckless” drive-by that Trump took to greet his “fans” from his armored car, directly endangering several Secret Service agents. “Nothing projects force like a wave of the hand from the back seat of an SUV like a kid walking into soccer practice,” Meyers joked. “When you said you heard about COVID, did you mean you learned how to spread it?”

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