Seth Meyers & Larry Wilmore Can’t Wait For Post-Trump Comedy

Comedians like to push back the idea that Donald Trump has somehow made their job easier over the past few years. Even those who have made their careers posing as the 45th President of the United States can’t wait for him to be forever out of our lives.

Now that Trump is almost certainly on the verge of leaving the White House, the former Daily show contributor and Night show Host Larry Wilmore has invited fellow late-night host Seth Meyers on his new Peacock show to talk about how their jobs may change starting in January.

“America’s long national nightmare is almost over,” Wilmore said in this exclusive clip from the Friday night show, “which for comedians means the task of turning this national nightmare into jokes is almost over. Thank you Jesus! “

The host began by asking Meyers if he felt a “personal sense of relief” since it was he and President Obama “dp’ing” Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011 who allegedly had it. urged to seriously run for president. .

“Yeah man, this is a real trip,” Meyers said. “If you had told me when I walked off the stage that night that people would still be talking about it almost a decade later, I would have assumed, ‘Oh, great, that’s how feels good. ‘”That says something about his ego as a comedian, he joked, he would always have preferred to“ kill and run Trump for president rather than bomb ”.

Wilmore, for his part, is worried that Trump has “fucked” us as political comedians because they will never be able to summon the same “fire” for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as they could for the current president. “Or do you just have to point it at people like [Mitch] McConnell? He asked.

“Wilmore was concerned that Trump had “fucked” us as political comedians because they could never summon the same “fire” for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.“

Meyers compared Trump to a “rowdy” on a stand-up show that the comedian can “crush” so hard that he ends up being the highlight of the night. “But if you’re a good comedian hopefully the next time you go out you can do it without that rowdy there,” he said. “So I feel like Trump has been the heckler of crowd work for the past four years.”

He added that his editorial staff are ready to “flex those muscles and show your aunt, your dry cleaner and all the people who said comedy has to write itself – we’re all desperate.” to show that we actually wrote comedy. . And I hope we can prove it after Trump.

In 2016, when Wilmore hosted Obama’s Last Correspondents’ Dinner, he sparked moans when he joked that it made sense for the president to spend time with NBA star Steph Curry “because you both like to rain bombs on people from long distances. Heading to the Biden administration, he feared the comedians were too much in their own “bubble” to make equally critical jokes about the next Democratic president.

“I don’t think it’s a bubble problem as much as I think it’s a target problem,” Meyers said. “Even the fact that Obama was wearing a beige suit and Fox News talked about it for a week, at one point the two people are different.

What he was basically saying was, no, Trump’s jokes aren’t “written,” but the comedians are going to have to work a lot harder to make politics funny when he’s gone.

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