Seth Meyers rages at Fox News for pushing Trump’s 2020 election lies

The night following Election Day, Seth Meyers went in depth with a 21-minute “Closer Look” at President Donald Trump’s inevitable but still shocking attempts to prevent every vote from being counted and steal the victory from Joe. Biden. And he reserved much of his outrage for Fox News.

As the Late at night As the host said, Trump and Fox News have been “priming their audiences” with lies about voter fraud for weeks. “And now the time has come and they are taking the outrageous and unprecedented step of falsely declaring victory before all the votes are counted.”

“It’s an authoritarian movement that intends to blow up our democracy and turn it into an autocracy with a healthy dose of psychosis,” Meyers continued. And he was especially pissed off by Fox’s reaction to the president’s “inconsistent and senseless” late-night speech in which he prematurely and falsely declared victory.

“Sure enough, Fox News picked up on Trump’s line of bullshit as soon as he finished his speech,” the host said, pointing to “ex-Bush hack” Dana Perino, who echoed the suggestion of the president that Pennsylvania would do it “all of a sudden.” Find 100,000 votes “in a garbage can” somewhere.

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