Seth Meyers roasts Trump’s 60-minute failure

“As pandemic spirals out of control and millions of Americans suffer economic losses and hardships, President of United States has apparently decided to make his final post: lady on TV was really mean to me. Yes, all week President Trump cried incessantly about his interview with 60 minutesLesley Stahl, claiming his unfair questions are to blame because he interrupted interview before it was over.

On Thursday, president chose to release his first cut of interview, which Late night host Seth Meyers called “truly one of most embarrassing, squeaky things I’ve ever seen on video.”

In the clip by the White , Stahl asked, “Are you ready for some tough questions?” to which Trump replied, “Be fair,” before moving uncomfortably in his seat, adding, “I’m looking for fairness.” When Stahl said she would be fair, but asked him again if he was ready for tough questions, “the president replied,” No, I’m not. ”

“I’m sorry – it’s your big one I got you? This video? You couldn’t handle this Rhetorical question? It’s like a boxing referee asking if you’re ready for a good, clean fight and answering, ‘No … I’m going to bite his ear … because I’m bad at boxing.’ ”

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