Seth Meyers shames Mike Pence for choosing Trump over America

When his possibly illegal call with the Georgian Secretary of State was blank this week, President Donald Trump has now turned his attention to his own Vice President for help, declaring that Mike Pence “has the power to reject fraudulently chosen voters.”

“Now, to be clear, Pence does not have the authority to reverse the results despite Trump’s insistence on Twitter today,” Seth Meyers said in his last “A Closer Look” segment on Tuesday. “No he doesn’t,” the Late at night host added. “All Pence’s supposed to do is count. Pence can’t change the results any more than Vanna White can change the sentence on the board. “

“Although apparently even counting is difficult for Pence,” he continued, pointing to New York Times report which quoted a close friend of the vice president who described his duties on Wednesday as “heartbreaking, saying he would need to balance the president’s mistaken beliefs about government with his own years of preaching deference to the Constitution.”

“Which is like me saying it’s ‘heartbreaking’ to balance my years of preaching healthy eating with my four-year-old’s desire to eat a thousand gummy worms,” ​​Meyers joked. “But think about Mike Pence’s instincts, because he’s been really going through the bell the last few years. And now he has to choose between the Constitution and a shady mafia that illegally cold calls election officials, asking for votes like a telemarketer.

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