SETS OFF! Democrats furious after Texas government lifts mask mandate Dateway

Texas state Democrats let out a collective cry on Tuesday after Gov. Greg Abbott (right) declared statewide mask terms to end.

Abbott issued an executive order announcing the end date of coronavirus restrictions next Wednesday, March 10, prompting Democrats in liberal strongholds to accuse him of trying to spread the coronavirus.

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In Austin, Democratic Mayor Steve Adler led the charge to push back Abbott’s order, begging him to help keep Lone Star State residents masked.

“We urge @GovAbbott to keep the mask mandate in place,” Adler pleaded. “Wearing masks keeps our businesses and schools safe, decreases the spread of the virus in the community, and saves lives.”

Harris County Democratic Judge Lina Hidalgo said Abbott was trying to cover up last month’s power grid crisis (which was greatly exacerbated by the US Department of ’s green standards).

Houston Democratic Mayor Sylvester Turner also hit back at Abbott’s order, saying he was “disgusted” by the move.

In Fort Bend County, Democratic County Judge KP George announced he would not lift the restriction in his county, accusing the governor of ignoring science.

“Since the installation of face masks, we have experienced a significant reduction in cases and hospitalizations,” the judge wrote in a statement. “Science shows us that communities are freer and fare better when more citizens wear simple masks. At Fort Bend, we continue to listen to the doctors, the facts and the science. “

San Antonio Democratic Mayor Ron Nirenberg claimed Abbott was making a “ mistake” – assuming Texans can’t take care of their own health.

“Please join me in continuing to wear a mask,” Nirenberg wrote.

Dallas County Democratic Judge Clay Jenkins hinted Abbott’s decision would result in more Covid deaths, saying, “You should focus on what doctors, facts and science say to be sure; not on what the government says is legal!

Even Democrats out-of-state have rang the bell – in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom (who faces a recall for his coronavirus orders) described the move as “absolutely reckless.”

But don’t worry, masks are not a political issue at all!

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Rupture: Texas governor withdraws mask warrant and ends shutdown

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