Sexual assault trial against former Fox News anchor Ed Henry just took a crazy turn

The trial of a former producer alleging rape by former Fox News anchor Ed Henry may have run into a complicated issue: A current Fox News staff member claims his own allegations against Henry were included in wrong in the complaint.

Former Fox News producer Jennifer Eckhart, who alleged earlier this year that she was forcibly raped by Henry during her tenure at Conservative TV and was fired after making allegations of inappropriate behavior at work , filed his third amended complaint against Henry in New York. Federal Court on November 9, 2020.

In the new complaint, Eckhart includes a section detailing allegations made by several other women, including “Jane Doe 1”, a current Fox News employee, who in August told the Daily Beast – speaking anonymously out of fear retaliation from Henry and Fox – that she had had a consensual, sometimes “emotionally abusive” relationship with Henry for nearly four years, ending this spring.

At the time, Doe 1 was explicit about the nature of their affair: “Unlike Ms. Eckhart, I was not raped. However, during a sexual encounter, I was slapped in the face and shocked at the energetic nature.

But Doe 1 was shocked and frustrated to discover that Eckhart’s amended complaint now suggests that Henry “forced her to have inappropriate sex with him on her New York City office at Fox News on June 9, 2019.” “

Calling this allegation “inaccurate,” Doe 1 claimed that she was “not coerced” during this particular incident. “I stand by my claim that he was emotionally abusive, but he did not coerce me into any inappropriate activity that day,” she said. “The relationship was wrong and inappropriate and I regret it every moment of every day, but he didn’t force me into any activity.”

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