Sexual Hijinks Won’t Slow Your Way To The White House

It is a universally recognized truth that the Achilles heel is not located anywhere near a person’s foot but rather higher up, as many US presidents and presidential candidates can attest. Stories of illicit sex – including sexual assault – have circulated around our political leaders since the days of the Founders. But if the past is a prologue, then alleged Democratic candidate Joe Biden need not worry about the allegations of his former employee Tara Reade, who claims that in 1993 he pushed her against a wall and took her. penetrated with his fingers. As I explore in my next book, Sex with Presidents, we Americans gasped in indignation at the bad sexual behavior of political candidates and then blithely ignored them at the polls, voting on questions instead.

As a 25-year-old bachelor, Thomas Jefferson assaulted his best friend’s wife who, according to one account, defended her virtue with a pair of scissors. Widowed 20 years later, he began a long-term sexual relationship with slave Sally Hemings when she was between the ages of 14 and 16, a relationship that many today would consider rape, even though at the time. his race was scandalous. The tabloid press gleefully praised the story in the 1804 election, but most voters didn’t care. Jefferson was re-elected on a strong economy, low taxes, and the triumph of the Louisiana Purchase, with which he had doubled the size of the United States with the stroke of a pen.

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