She disguised herself as an Aryan princess to defeat the neo-Nazis

Talia Lavin, a self-proclaimed bisexual and schlubby Jew living in Brooklyn, was disguised as Ashlynn, a hot Aryan blonde and gun carrier, on a white supremacist chat room when she caught the attention of David, a Nazi Ukrainian who was big on terror against Jews, blacks and Muslims. The duo flirted online for months, until David sent in a photo of his car, his license plate clearly visible, and revealed his real name. Lavin used this information to find David’s home address, then contacted a reporter covering the white supremacist movement and passed the information on to him.

Before the reporter decided to go public with a story about David and a terrorist group he belonged to, Lavin contacted Mr. Nazi to tell him what she had done. “I would talk to him every week or every day for months,” she told the Daily Beast in an interview, “then I found out where he lived and was able to pass it on. And I said to him: “I’m anti-fascist and you’re screwed”. And he said, “I’m scared,” and you know, that feels good. “

Lavin, who has become something of a pet peeve in the online white supremacist world, doesn’t mince his words when it comes to racists and their allies who have been in the headlines too much lately. It is therefore not surprising that his new book Culture Warlords: My Journey Into the Dark Web of White Supremacy is filled with solid reporting, numerous invectives, and numerous intrepid infiltrations exposing how the internet has helped develop a far-right culture of hate and violence.

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