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In a press release the day before Thanksgiving, the Warren County, Va., Sheriff’s Office warned residents against holding vacation gatherings at their homes and even encouraged neighbors to speak out on neighbors caught in the door. celebrating with their friends and family.

“With Thanksgiving Day upon us, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office wishes our community a happy and safe holiday weekend,” the statement read, approved for release by Major JA Driskill. Immediately after the jokes, the office said it would “educate” citizens about being “responsible neighbors” during the holidays, apparently reminding them of Governor Northam’s COVID-19 restrictions set out in Executive Order # 67 and threatening criminal prosecution against those who violate it.

“Under Executive Order # 67, law enforcement is the responsibility of the Virginia Department of Health. This includes both public and private in-person gatherings of more than 25 people being banned. A gathering is “defined as, but not limited to, parties, celebrations or other social events, whether taking place indoors or outdoors.” Breaches of paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of section B of this ordinance constitute class 1 offenses… ”

True to Stasi-style tactics encouraged by state and local governments since COVID-19 restrictions began, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office has encouraged residents to report alleged violations of the governor’s order directly to the ministry. of Virginia Health.

The Maryland government ignores the Baltimore crime and comes after mask refusers – “no constitutional right” NOT to wear a mask – Really?

“… Residents concerned are invited to report suspected violations directly to VDH online”

The statement did not work well when it was posted on Facebook, where deeply conservative county citizens (over 65% of Warren voters supported President Trump’s candidacy in the 2016 election) openly scoffed at from the Law Enforcement Agency and Governor Northam’s Order in Council.

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“What a joke. This is BS! I will never comply with a tyrant’s illegal orders. Sic Semper Tyrannis!” One commentator wrote, while dozens of Warren County residents reacted to the sheriff’s press release .

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