Shop for thoughtful gifts under $ 50 this holiday season

The holiday season puts a strain on your calendar and your wallet. Gift shopping is fun, yes, but also very stressful, especially if your shopping list is a mile long. But the good news is that thoughtful giveaways don’t have to strain the bank. Whether you’re trying not to go over a strict Secret Santa maximum price or just feeling too broke to spend more, there are tons of amazing freebies for under $ 50 to be found at some of your favorite retailers this season. holidays.

It’s pretty crazy that you can get some quality cashmere for $ 50, but Quince got it. This soft sweater will impress anyone it’s good at, and you don’t even have to tell them how much you spent. Keep it a secret between you and me.

Glow & Grow scented candle

If you have a friend who goes through the candles like it’s their job, this is the perfect thing. Once the candle (which comes in basil, daisy, and aloe scents) has burned, you can reuse the container as a pot with the included grow kit to grow the plant that inspired the scent.

The Coffee Pour-Over Set Decanter

The act of making pourable coffee is meditative. This set not only lets you see the brewed coffee, but you also get two double-walled borosilicate glasses that will keep your hands from feeling too much heat.

From over 32,000 customer reviews, the ultimate apron was born. It has several pockets for all your essentials, extra long ties for a secure fit and integrated potholders at the bottom edge.

Birkenstock Arizona Essentials

While it may seem like the off-season to offer a pair of sandals, these Birks are unique. Their lightweight construction and waterproof EVA construction make them the perfect shoe to slip on around the house with a pair of socks, move down the aisle of the grocery store, and (possibly) hit a beach or two.

Mini ostrich travel pillow

Frequent travelers will greatly benefit from this fun-looking portable pillow. Viscose and elastomer cover a soft microbead padding for a flexible and comfortable rest on the go. The intricate design allows the user to slide a hand inside the pillow for maximum comfort.

Anker 4-Port USB Wall Charger with Foldable Plug

If you have an obsessive smartphone on your wishlist, they’ll love this popular charger that makes the most of every outlet. With a foldable plug and impressive charging speed thanks to PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, it’s ideal for travel. Anker Lightning cables are also available, but this is not a necessity since the charger is compatible with most cables of similar shape.

Give a gift that makes beautiful teeth obvious. Maybe an electric toothbrush isn’t the most exciting thing to open, but it’s definitely life changing. The joke buzzes every 30 seconds to ensure that each quadrant of your mouth receives equal attention and that you brush for a full two minutes. The best part? A subscription service that sends you a new head and a new battery every three months.

Corkcicle Triple Insulated Footless Glass

Although shaped like a wine glass, this portable, insulated stainless steel mug is ideal for any beverage. From coffee to water to (okay, sure) wine, Corkcicle promises to keep drinks hot and cold at the right temperature for hours. It’s available in a ton of fun colors and has a snug, splash-resistant lid.

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