Should deceivers never become Democrats? Absolutely not.

The time for hesitation is over. With Donald out the House, a row is brewing over Never ’s right to how to proceed. Should we push for a center-right party, maintain our principled independence as intellectually honest opinion leaders above the fray? Or should we join the Biden wing the Democratic Party?

It is an important decision and, perhaps, a crossroads. Bill Kristol, the Bulwark website, is a leading voice teases the Biden option. He recently floated a short but provocative test balloon in his column at Le Rempart: [anti- conservatives] consider allying with the Biden wing the Democratic Party?

In a follow-up article that was published Monday at The Rempart, Kristol set out his suggestion, responded to part the rejection his suggestion elicited, and noted that he “wrote the article to stimulate debate,” and was happy to have achieved this goal.

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