Shut down Intel agencies until they downgrade ‘Smoking Gun’ evidence against Hillary Clinton – Dateway

Representative Devin Nunes said on Sunday that US intelligence agencies should be forced to so-called “ steamy ” documents that would contain details of Russian intelligence referring to an authorization given by Hillary Clinton to link President Trump to the efforts. of the Kremlin to interfere in the 2016 election.

In an interview with Fox News, Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said, “Every Republican Senator and Congressman should say … we want all the evidence every intelligence agency has or has. Maybe it’s time to shut down those agencies. down.”

A memo released last week via the Senate Judiciary Committee, written by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, claims that U.S. intelligence services referred an investigation to the FBI into the information in September 2016.

In the memo, Ratcliffe notes that the referral mentioned “approving a plan regarding US presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers obstructing the US election in order to distract public attention from it.” [Hillary’s] use of a mail server. “

“There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to know this Maria, that the Clinton campaign created it all, because they knew 33,000 emails were out there somewhere,” Nunes said.

“So what did they do? They created a sick fantasy. It was the Clinton campaign. The Clinton campaign created this sick fantasy. Then they went out and hired avatars to do it. Nunes added, doing so. reference to the effort to delegitimize Trump’s campaign.

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“So they hired a former British spy named [Christopher] Steele who made the ‘Steele dossier’, “Nunes continued, adding,” Then they hired this alleged Russian spy so they could make him feel like a Russian. So imagine that.

Because the information has been kept confidential, those who have seen it cannot discuss it.

Nunes insisted that what he saw was “definitely guns” and that the information “absolutely must be made available to the American public.”

“There is even more underlying evidence that supports what Director Ratcliffe presented,” Nunes said.

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