Sidney Powell claims 450,000 ballots discovered in ‘key states’ with vote only for Biden – Dateway

Lawyer Sidney Powell says his investigative team identified 450,000 ballots in battlefield states that only voted for Biden, with no other candidate voting against the ticket.

Speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Powell explained what these ballots are and what they mean for the election.

“We have identified at least 450,000 ballots in key states that miraculously only have one mark for Joe Biden on them and no other candidate,” Powell.

Powell also the Justice Department should investigate the so- “computer problems” that swayed Trump’s votes in favor of Biden.

“The computer problems couldn’t and shouldn’t happen at all,” Powell. “This is where the fraud took , where they would feed votes back into the computer system or add votes that didn’t exist.


“We need an audit of all the IT systems that played a role in this fraud.”

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Powell reminded viewers that Biden himself blurted days before the election that Democrats assembled the most sophisticated “voter fraud organization” in history.

“Joe Biden was right. He he had the biggest electoral fraud organization ever, and he didn’t need people’s votes now, he would need people later, ”she .

“They had everything planned, Maria, they had the algorithms, they had the ballots waiting to be inserted if and when it was necessary, and in particular President Trump’s vote in the blue states has increased enormously. That’s when they had to stop the vote count and go replace the votes for Biden and withdraw the votes for Trump, ”Powell added.

Trump has sued the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia over voting irregularities and better access for poll observers, and Georgia has announced that a recount will take .

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