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Republican lawyer Sidney Powell has vowed to “denounce all” officials who allegedly helped steal Democrat Joe Biden’s 2020 election, claiming that voting machine maker Dominion Voting Systems facilitated the theft.

Powell, who represents former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn in his Russiagate-spawned legal battle, made his own allegations of foreign collusion and election interference on Fox News’ Lou Dobbs Tonight Friday. Threaten those responsible with a “New American Revolution”, she called for a full investigation into what she described as a pattern of long-standing election interference.

Claiming Dominion Voting Systems, one of the largest manufacturers of voting machines in the United States, “Was created to produce modified voting results in Venezuela for [socialist leader] Hugo Chavez, “ Powell argued that the system – which she said was funded by Cuba and China as well as Caracas – was nothing more than an election-fixing operation.

Dominion a “Been used all over the world to challenge the will of those who wanted freedom”, she said.

President Trump won this election in a landslide. It’s going to be irrefutable.

“Patriots are showing up all day every day” with “Statistical evidence which shows that hundreds of thousands of votes are recorded and replicated” to shift the vote to Biden, Powell said, suggesting Big Tech and the media establishment had finished the job of covering Dominion and his political cronies.

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“A massive criminal investigation must be carried out and it will only affect millions of voters and elections” she told the Fox News host, urging viewers to “Go ahead now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know exists in the Dominion voting systems.” as she prepares to raise the curtain on the entire operation.

I’ll take out the Kraken.

Powell did not appear concerned about the looming December deadline for states to certify their election results, arguing that “For such a serious fraud, I think … even if the states are stupid enough to go ahead and certify the votes where we know the machines were working and producing altered election results … they will also be put off. side by fraud. “

Law enforcement officials were also not safe, she implied – not only the Homeland Security Department’s election security team should be fired. “yesterday,” But FBI Director Chris Wray is late for his dismissal, she said, blaming the intelligence chief for wasting taxpayer resources by intimidating a Postal Service whistleblower into giving up his history.

U.S. voters in 28 states voted using Dominion technology, including in areas where the vote count has come under scrutiny in Georgia, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada. The company has “Categorically refused” any problem with his voting machines affected last week’s election.

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