Smart kitchen utensils for cooking meals

The past few months have been spent baking bread, but have you stepped outside your comfort zone to learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals? It’s not an easy job if you aren’t born with the knack for cooking. I’m surprised Silicon Valley hasn’t yet come up with a robot that can fully prepare our meals, but this line of smart kitchen utensils comes close enough: the Hestan Cue.

I don’t feel like a failure in the kitchen anymore. Yes, I still have to do all the hard work of peeling and chopping (which I hate) but Hestan Cue walks you through the recipe process. No matter how bad you are in the kitchen, some kind of magic happens when you use Hestan cookware, and your meals turn out tasty every time.

To get started, get the smart cooktop. The induction hob will become your new best friend in the kitchen with the Hestan Cue app. They sync to control the temperature on the hob while the app highlights the steps to cook any of the available recipes. Then choose your preferred type of utensil: a smart pot, a chef’s pot, or a smart pot. Once you’ve made your investment, you’re good to go! You won’t be able to use regular cooking utensils with the Hestan Cue cooktop, so you’ll need to purchase at least one of their smart pots.

Hestan Smart Cooking 41000 induction burner

Hestan Cue Induction Burner Cooktop + 11 Inch Smart Frying Pan

A closest friend of mine always told me that the secret to making perfect meals is to follow the “science of cooking”, religiously measuring all the ingredients. There’s not much room for error when browsing the Hestan Cue app (available for Android and iOS): it specifies the exact amounts you need for each meal, and the cookware loads. to heat food to the correct temperature.

Searching for a good recipe is like trying to find something to watch on Netflix when you’re not inspired – there are a lot of options and you can spend hours deciding what to eat. I have a tip for you: filter by dish or main ingredient. The app includes quick and easy videos that show how to make the recipes. I guarantee you will be amazed at your cooking skills after preparing your first meals.

Do you need a breakfast? Hestan Cue dictates how to prepare your bacon and crispy pancakes. Need a little pick-me-up before dinner? Sweet pancakes are out of this world. Make sure you leave room for supper: I made my best pasta with langoustines and Spanish omelets with this cookware set.

It’s really hard to spoil your meals with a smart device like this. Enjoy your meal!

5.5 Quart Hestan Cue Smart Bluetooth Chef Casserole

3.5 Quart Hestan Cue Smart Bluetooth Sauce Pot

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