Sniffer dogs could be used to detect if someone is infected with COVID – Dateway

Sniffer dogs capable of detecting whether a person is infected with COVID-19 could be used to patrol public areas such as airports and other high-traffic locations in the near future.

Health Minister Lord Bethell praised an ‘extremely exciting’ trial taking place in the UK which tests whether dogs can be trained to identify the unique smells associated with coronavirus infection.

As Finland has already deployed corona sniffer dogs at its main international airport, similar measures could soon be deployed in the west.

British Secretary of State Matt Hancock, a strong advocate for the lockdown, will visit the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to see for himself the accuracy of the tests.

“Dogs can be used to filter crowds in places like airports and high density places,” Lord Bethell said.

And there you thought you just had to tolerate masks, mandatory government apps, and vaccines to live in the “new normal.”

As we’ve already pointed out, robots are already being deployed to monitor mask compliance, while robot dogs in Singapore are already patrolling parks and other public spaces to boost social distancing.

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