SNL abandons Alec Baldwin’s trump card to bet on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory

In the final Saturday Night Live Before the 2016 election episode, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump broke the character for the first time to apologize for yelling at Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. “None of this will matter if you don’t vote,” the actor told viewers just three days before the country elected Donald Trump.

Four years later, Baldwin is still processing his Trump impression week after week. But this time he was nowhere to be seen as SNL opened their last show before the 2020 election with a Halloween message from Joe Biden of Jim Carrey.

Telling viewers he wanted to read them a scary story, Biden took over Sets off by Donald Trump Jr. before saying, “That’s a little too scary.” Instead, he chose an even more terrifying Edgar Allan Poe-inspired story about how the Democratic candidate could lose.

He was joined by a series of special guests, starting with McKinnon’s Clinton, returning from the past to warn him of anything that could go wrong. “This time it’s different, I can win. People know I have a plan, “Biden said as Clinton finished his rhyme with,” But your real advantage is that you are not a woman, you are a man!

Then, after a deeply unsettling lesson on the odds from FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver and a visit from rappers Ice Cube and Lil ‘Wayne – both wearing MAGA hats – Biden was joined by the woman who could just help him get it. put away.

“Trump cannot win. We have to do better than this spray tan spreader, ”he said. “I’m still going to win, because I’m a baller. Just ask my running mate, Kamal-er.

“So whatever happens, America knows that everything will be fine,” he added.

“Our nation will last, we will fight another day,” Harris rhymed.

“I’m sure it will be peaceful no matter who won,” Biden said.

“Although it’s never a good sign when Walmart stops selling guns,” Harris added. “Use your voice and use your vote. Democracy will represent. “

“This daylight saving time, let’s gain an hour and lose a president,” Biden concluded.

The couple crossed their fingers prominently as they shouted one final “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” before November 3.

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