SNL’s Cecily Strong Absolutely Nails Rudy Giuliani Star Mellisa Carrone

Four weeks after sending Donald Trump with a dramatic piano performance “Macho Man” by Alec Baldwin, Saturday Night Live returned – as expected – with the electoral “hearing” of Michigan’s Rudy Giuliani. And with Kate McKinnon playing the constantly farting Giuliani, all eyes were on who was going to take on the famous Mellisa Carrone.

There was almost no way to reinforce the absurdity of Carrone’s’ testimony ‘, but Cecily Strong did her best, squeezing through the comments on the’ end of the threat ‘and signing an’ after -David ”. In the end, Giuliani must have told him, “Toots, maybe you want to take it off a bit, I’m afraid you are making us crazy”, before letting out another fart.

“We have to listen to our hearts and minds,” she said later. “And even if it’s a fraudulent erection, it can still get you pregnant.”

Of the, SNL traced an increasingly messy series of “witnesses” including a woman who claimed to have eaten Trump ballots, a man who was abducted by aliens who filled out mail ballots for Joe Biden and My Pillow guy Mike Lindell.

Another highlight of the sketch came when Chloe Fineman appeared as HBO’s Nicole Kidman character. Cancellation. “Your honor, my husband Hugh Grant is innocent,” she explained. “There’s no way he could have been that murderer. It is too hot and too white.

“Could everyone stop drinking during the hearing?” one of the lawmakers asked at the time.

“I would love to, but if I don’t drink scotch every 15 minutes, I explode,” Giuliani said.

“And it’s not drinking, it’s actually the COVID vaccine,” Carrone explained. “I take first because I am a risk. I have two big old comorbid breasts.

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