SNL’s Michael Che can’t hide disappointment Trump survived COVID

When the season premiered last week on Saturday Night Live, host Chris Rock reacted to the news that Donald Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus by saying, “My heart is going to COVID.”

A week later, the president apparently recovered from the virus and has already returned to giving speeches in front of crowded crowds. Michael Che, co-host of “Weekend Update”, struggled to hide his disappointment with this week’s episode.

“President Trump claimed to have survived the coronavirus,” Che reported, adding, sarcastically, “Yeah!”

“I’m not going to say I’m disappointed, but it’s kind of like when there’s a car crash and the only survivor is the drunk driver,” he continued. “Trump said COVID was, quote, a ‘blessing from God.’ And I bet even God was like, ‘Hey, we tried, guys.’ “

“In fact, maybe we should be more optimistic about it,” Che said. “I mean, there are two ways to look at it. Either Trump is telling the truth and we finally have a cure for COVID. Or Trump is lying and he’s always going to die. I’m not going to say it’s a win-win, but it’s definitely not a lose-lose.

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