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South Australia has revoked its draconian lockdown, which even banned people from walking their dogs, after it was revealed that only one person had lied to contact the tracers.

The lockdown went into effect yesterday and banned people from leaving their homes except for emergency medical reasons or to buy food.

Police even confirmed via Twitter that people walking their dogs outside would be breaking the law, causing a huge backlash.

Now, just a day later, the lockdown is expected to be revoked after authorities admitted that the only person who triggered the decision lied to contact the tracers.

“South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall announced the explosive find at a press conference on Friday, claiming that the individual in question had deliberately deceived the contact tracers,” RT reports.

“Although he told them that he had only visited a pizzeria linked to a local outbreak once, he actually worked at the establishment and had spent several shifts there during the period in question. question.

The government has now acknowledged that the man, who was initially blamed for being a ‘super broadcaster’, was in fact not the source of what authorities claimed was a super-infectious strain of the virus. .

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โ€œTheir story didn’t match. We pursued them. We now know they lied, โ€South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall said.

Maybe authorities should have confirmed the man’s story before announcing their draconian lockdown? Just a thought.

From Saturday, the region will revert to its previous lockdown level, with many restrictions being lifted again.

Respondents on Twitter criticized the government for imposing the crippling lockdown based on a flawed case at a pizza restaurant.



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