South Korean activists accuse China of using Huawei to hack elections

Tory critics of the South Korean government persist in pressing allegations of widespread fraud in the country’s April election, highlighting what they see as new evidence – in the form of alleged electronic distortions and irregularities in the postal ballot – to suggest that the ruling party won its majority in the National Assembly with China’s expertise and advice.

The ongoing controversy comes as US President Donald Trump and his Justice Department claim interference from China, not Russia, is the biggest threat to voting in the United States. Facebook has already removed a large number of China-related pages targeting both Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden. (Meanwhile, a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower said Trump allies interfered in intelligence reports to downplay the threat from Russia.)

Charges of cheating in the assembly elections in South Korea gained momentum with the publication in May of a lengthy study, “Anomalies and Frauds in the Korea 2020 Parliamentary Election,” by a professor from the ‘University of Michigan and electoral fraud detection expert Walter Mebane. “The statistical model,” Mebane said, “offers evidence that fraudulent votes occurred in the election, which may have altered some election results.”

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