South Korean Foreign Minister’s husband Lee Yill-Byung breaks wife’s rules to travel to America to buy yacht

It is one thing to ignore a coronavirus-related travel ban to fly abroad for the purpose of buying a yacht.

It is quite another thing to do it when your wife makes the rules.

South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha was pressured to resign on Monday after her husband challenged his ministry’s advice against all but essential overseas travel and flew to the United States on Saturday to buy a new boat.

University professor Lee Yill-Byung has now become the center of considerable outrage in Korea, after being confronted by a television crew as he prepared to fly to the United States on Saturday, saying : “The coronavirus epidemic is not going to go away. anytime soon. I can’t stay home all the time. I cannot continue to worry about other people’s lives while I am living my own.

His mission, as described on his now-deleted blog, was to buy himself a small yacht and enjoy a “cruising life” and be able to say that he “lived in a beautiful place” for several years before. to die.

The opposition People’s Power Party was quick to condemn Lee’s actions, a party official telling the Chosun Ilbo “Small businesses are suffering from the epidemic, but a family member of a senior government official travels and buys a yacht.”

The newspaper accused Kang of “blatant hypocrisy” because his ministry a few days earlier had ordered Koreans to stay home for this year’s Chuseok vacation, claiming that “people’s privacy was not an issue. absolute right ”.

Broadcaster KBS first broke the news on Saturday night of Lee’s trip, showing astonishing footage of reporters at Incheon International Airport confronting a provocative Lee, who told reporters he had “thrilled many. masks ”.

When asked if he was afraid of being the husband of a public figure and a prominent lawmaker, Lee reportedly replied, “It might be a burden if I do something wrong, but I do what I do. I think I’m fair, and I’m living my own life, so I don’t have to compromise on that because of what other people think.

Lee was asked if Kang had told him about the trip, and he replied, “We’re both adults, so she didn’t particularly tell me not to go.

The next day, Kang told reporters that she was “sorry” about her husband’s decision to travel abroad, adding, “He has planned the trip for so long and postponed it several times, so he is hard for me to tell him not to. to go.”

the Korea JoongAng Daily said that sailing the world on a yacht was high on a to-do list on Lee’s now clean blog, and that he had been planning the purchase for almost a year.

Lee is said to have traveled to New York to purchase a 51-foot Kanter Mistress V 1990 51-foot yacht, valued at around $ 120,000.

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