‘Speed ​​has nothing to do with compromising security’: Dr Fauci ends race for COVID-19 VA

With a vaccine getting closer, you might think, “I don’t want to get the vaccine because it happened too fast, it can’t be sure.” Especially when in the past we have heard that vaccines take years to complete while one for the coronavirus is about to be developed in a year. So how does it go? Dr Anthony Fauci, our country’s leading infectious disease specialist, explains this to us. “People hear speed and they say, wow, that compromises security. It has nothing to do with security yet because you haven’t even put it in a person. So speed has to do with truly exquisite technology, ”Fauci told The Hastings Center. In the conversation, he said that the speed itself is a reflection of scientific advancements, as the technology doesn’t need to spend a year cultivating a virus. NEW ON OUR CHANNEL? Hi! There are 10 of us Tampa Bay, the CBS branch that serves the Tampa Bay area. Our team works hard to consider context, make connections, and identify trends shaping our worlds. We believe that you deserve a return on your invested attention and a reward for your curiosity. And so, we deliver storytelling that delves deeper, beyond the noise and confusion, so you can feel informed, prepared, and connected. OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: NEW TIPS: Online: Phone: 727-577-1010 Email: # 10tampabay #localnews #florida.
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