Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens to arrest non-masked people and put them on no-fly list – Dateway

A video clip shows a Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatening to put anyone who does not properly wear their mask on a no-fly list for life and have them arrested and jailed for 20 years.

“After the door is closed, if we have to ask you more than once to cover your nose, your mouth, put on your mask – we will not be rude, we will not be mean – we will just take your seat number and your name and when we get to where we’re going you will either be arrested or fined, but you will also be placed on a no-fly list, which means you won’t be able to fly on any airline for the rest of your life, ”said the flight attendant.

He then adds that he does not want to “do the extra paperwork” before inviting anyone who does not agree to leave the plane.

After referring to viral videos of passengers attacking flight attendants, the staff member, who says her name is Marrio, then said, “Let me remind you that we are government officials, that is. government property, ”before threatening misbehaving passengers after 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine.

There is no law that says people who wear masks inappropriately can be banned from flying for life.

The flight attendant is clearly abusing his power and should be fired immediately.

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Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants a nationwide mask tenure, which means such draconian behavior could be replicated on the streets of America.



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