Spokane fires health worker Bob Lutz amid protests

The Spokane, Wash., Health official was officially fired Thursday evening despite an extraordinary outpouring of public support from medical professionals, school officials and activists who were shocked that it was canned at the amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 100 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded Thursday in the health district, where the positivity rate is now flirting with 3% and hospitalizations are also on the rise.

But the advice was eaten up by a personal drama that seemed to boil down to a contest of wills between the health official, Dr Bob Lutz, who has been described as Dr Fauci of Spokane, and his boss, administrative manager Amelia Clark. .

During a public Zoom session, Clark cataloged a litany of alleged transgressions by Lutz, portraying him as a renegade who ignored his orders and “acts like the rules don’t apply to him.”

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