Stacey Abrams reflects on GOP’s Georgia Recount ‘Sad’ ploy on ‘the View’

When Stacey Abrams joined View Thursday morning Whoopi Goldberg began his interview by saying, “I know all those Republican politicians in Georgia now wish they had just appointed you governor, because I’m sure they would leave, if we just did that, nothing it would be in progress.

What is happening is a historic political transformation in Abrams’ home state, which has become the center of the political universe now that Joe Biden has become the first Democrat to win there since 1992, and that two of the races in the Georgia Senate are heading for a second round in January. who will probably decide who controls this body.

Abrams couldn’t be more thrilled.

When hearing the news that Biden had won Georgia, Abrams said she thought, “I can wake up in November and be happy.” She added, “We’ve had a few close calls, and we’ve tried hard for the last decade and it’s been a moment of grace. We were so excited and so proud.

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