Stand in the Gap TV: Advancing Global Government: The Great Reset – Part 2

Episode 114: Sam Rohrer and Isaac Crockett are joined by guest Leo Hohmann (investigative journalist, freelance freelance journalist) to discuss this important topic by getting to the heart of the matter and defining the solution. In our country today, we are facing major challenges from all sides; economic, religious, educational, family, marriage, life, death, political and moral. Each of them apparently confronts us simultaneously and it can be overwhelming. An issue that integrates all of these areas and more is the issue of an impending world government or, in the words of former President George HW Bush, a “new world order”. In the past Pres. Bush made it clear his vision for this “New World Order” which he positioned as something the whole world would want and solve the world’s problems. He and all presidents since him (except President Trump) have aggressively attempted to advance this “new world order” by using the power, finances and influence of the United States to do most of it. of time without the knowledge or informed consent of the Americans. People’s reaction to this concept of a new government has been mixed. Some have pursued him vigorously. Others have opposed it for many reasons because it sounds like what the Bible calls a supra government that will arise at the end of the days led by the anti-Christ himself. Join us as we continue to examine the topic “Advancing World Government: The Big Reset”. We hope you find the program stimulating and informative.
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