Stanford researcher hacked voting machine in Georgia, confirms possibility of ‘pump and dump’ vote manipulation

Stanford inventor and researcher Jovan Pulitzer appeared before the Georgia Senate on Wednesday afternoon and revealed he had real-time access to a voting machine and polling station in Fulton County , Georgia, via a WiFi connection as Georgia residents voted in the state. Election of the second round of the US Senate.

“Right now, in a county polling station, not only do we have device access to the polling station – the system, but we’re in it,” Pulitzer said. “And it’s not supposed to have WiFi, and it’s not supposed to be able to happen. So we have now documented that it communicates in two ways in real time meaning it receives and sends data – this should never happen, should not be WiFi, we have now documented it in time real.

“This is happening where everyone votes, and I just want it on the record,” Pulitzer added, referring to the Senate second round.

Asked by state senators about the exact nature of the hack, Pulitzer replied, “It goes through the polling station device where they check everything, but now all it takes is one device where you daisy-chain them and do. The most important thing that shouldn’t be two-way, and shouldn’t even be accessible or activated, and it is there. “

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“Statistically what can happen when you have an operation like this is that this data is exchanged and someone is there, [someone] can actually siphon that data, modify the data, and then feed it straight back into the system, or do some sort of real-time pumping and dump, ”Pulitzer said.

In his testimony, Pulitzer – who has published 65 academic papers – denied media claims that hacking voting machines for the purpose of manipulating votes is impossible, and exposed gaping loopholes in the fact-checkers’ narrative. Who insist that no electoral fraud could have occurred in the 2020 presidential election.

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