Stephen Colbert accuses Donald Trump Jr. of taking cocaine

Friday night, The late show Host Stephen Colbert has aimed at one of his favorite targets: Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the president who is not feeling well.

This week, Don Jr. – whose father, according to his mother Ivana’s memoir Elevate Trump, initially opposed the name saying, “What if he’s a loser?” – appeared on Laura Ingraham’s no-facts show on Fox News, where, while shaking and grinding his teeth, he played down the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has claimed more than 230,000 Americans live, claiming that the current death toll from the disease “is next to nothing”.

“If you’re curious how much Don Jr. thinks it is ‘next to nothing’, yesterday 1,004 Americans died from the coronavirus. I wouldn’t ask Don Jr. to give a eulogy, ”Colbert snapped, before imitating Trump’s heir: We are gathered here today for no good reason! Why are you all crying! Your grandfather is just a guy… it’s almost nothing!

Later, during his interview with Ingraham – whose own brother called her a “monster” – Don Jr. falsely alleged that the Trump administration had “taken control” of the novel coronavirus, before telling viewers to look at her Instagram.

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