Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyer’s Bash “Homegrown Terrorists” behind the attack on the US Capitol, GOP calls for unity – deadline

Almost a week has passed since Donald Trump’s supporters violently attacked the U.S. Capitol, but January 6, 2020 will go down in history as a dark day for Americans.

On Monday episode of The late showHost Stephen Colbert noted that the fatal incident on Capitol Hill in which six people died made him “more angry than he could ever remember”. Even more than 9/11, he added.

“[9/11] It’s the worst day in American history, but I want to point out that no Americans were cheering the terrorists on then, ”he said. “Nobody apologized for the terrorists, nobody pretended they weren’t terrorists.”

During his opening monologue, Colbert added that after further investigation, the violent assault on the Capitol had been carefully planned. In addition to Trump setting a date and location for the supporters’ meeting, the late night host said the rioters had been collecting materials for a potentially more deadly incident – including two bombs found outside the DNC and RNC buildings, and a truck with eleven Molotov cocktails.

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“This was a coordinated and planned attempt to terrorize, if not kill, our nation’s elected leaders,” Colbert said of the “local Jughead jihad terrorists” who attacked the Capitol on Wednesday.

Shortly after the news of the attack spread across the nation and even around the world, discussions of impeachment and the appeal to the 25th Amendment were included. However, removing Trump is “the bare minimum we should expect from our elected leaders,” Seth Meyers said Monday.

“[Trump’s removal] is an urgent matter of national security and the bare minimum for the preservation of our crumbling democracy, “said the late-night host during his segment” A Closer Look “.

As Democrats and other elected officials look for ways to remove Trump from office, notable GOP figures like Kevin McCarthy and Roy Blunt say impeachment and premature removal can further divide the country. However, it is the same elected officials who also called for unity after the violent incident on Wednesday.

Regarding the demands for unity from officials who do not agree to remove Trump from office, Meyers asks: “How can we seek unity with people who want a confederation?”

See the Colbert and Meyers segments below.

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