Stephen Colbert tears himself apart over Trump’s ‘fascist’ election lies

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced Stephen Colbert to quit his Last show theater nearly eight months ago, he delivered his nocturnal seated monologues. Without a studio audience, it just seemed wrong to stand up and not prank anyone.

On the Thursday night show, he stood for a different reason.

“We are recording this just shortly after Donald Trump entered the White House briefing room and attempted to poison American democracy,” the host said. “That’s why I’m not seated yet. I don’t want to yet. This is also why I am dressed for a funeral. Because Donald Trump really tried to kill something tonight.

Over the next few minutes, Colbert decided to forgo the jokes in favor of both dark and searing comments about the president’s deceptive speech on the state of the 2020 elections on Thursday night.

“Just absurd stuff about illegal dumps, corrupt election officials and secret Democratic counting cabals and, I don’t know, long birth certificates, probably. Everything is the same, ”he said. “And if you didn’t know Joe Biden was approaching 270, Donald Trump has just provided all the evidence you will need.”

Predictable as it all was, Colbert seemed to surprise himself just how emotionally it affected him. Catching up and seeming to hold back tears at one point, he said, “We all knew he would. What I didn’t know was that it would hurt so much. I didn’t expect this to break my heart. For him to cast a black shadow on our most sacred right, from the White House briefing room – our home, not his – it’s devastating.

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