Stephen Colbert’s urgent election eve message to America is to get rid of Trump ‘loser’

The day before the elections, The late show host Stephen Colbert followed his ex-Daily show Co-conspirator John Oliver made a final appeal to his audience to vote Trump on 3. And Colbert seemed much calmer than his British counterpart.

“I’m the most relaxed in months because at 11:38 am the day before the election what are you going to do?” said Colbert. “I think we can officially say we gave Donald Trump a chance. Jared, you have 22 minutes to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Then the actor embarked on a rather strange interstellar analogy.

“You see, I think everyone made their decision – in 2017, actually. Have you seen Trump’s approval numbers? It’s flatter than the Black Rock Desert. You could set a land speed of 44%, ”he said. “So to quote Jim Lovell from Apollo 13, “Isaac Newton is now in charge.” We are in the grip of the gravitational of democracy, which push us towards results. It is as if our country is an object from deep space falling towards a black hole – either we will be sucked into the event horizon in a pit of corruption that not even a moat can escape, or we will use this well. gravity to get started and pick up speed and take off in a whole new direction. Maybe this planet where Baby Yoda lives, he’s cute.

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