Stevie Wonder says: ‘I know Joe Biden will give us repairs’ at Detroit Biden Rally – Dateway

Black musician Stevie Wonder announced this Sunday at a Joe Biden campaign rally in Detriot, Michigan, that “Joe Biden will do it. Give us reparations, for the work we have all done for the past four hundred years, without pay.

Wonder mocked President Donald Trump for his decision to designate June 19 as a national holiday, a move that failed to ease the deep resentment held by groups such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa towards the Trump administration .

The 70-year-old musician, who has an estimated net worth of $ 110 million, said Biden would do something much better for Black Lives Matter than making Juneteenth a vacation.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what you can do a lot better than that, and Joe Biden will do it – give us repairs,” Wonder said, to a applause and salute from dozens of car horns, as the musicians on stage with they slammed on drums and bass guitar.

Wonder said the repairs would be for “the work we have all done in the past four hundred years, without pay.” The singer did not specify what work he was referring to.

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You may wonder why the FBI would cling to possible evidence incriminating the Bidens for over a year just to recognize the laptop and now a second laptop seized in February after this information was reported by independent sources? New evidence indicates that multi-millionaire FBI director Christopher Wray, who was an attorney with King and Spalding at the time, was sitting across the negotiating table from Hunter Biden negotiating a deal for a Chinese company for a multi-billion dollar stake. Russian oil company Roseneft, represented by the law firm of Christopher Wray.

In August, a black economist estimated that the total cost of punitive repairs would be between $ 10 and $ 12 trillion, or about half of America’s national debt:

An economist at Duke University has put a $ 12 trillion price tag on what he thinks are simple slavery repairs. The economist proposes that the hefty sum be paid to the descendants of those affected by American slavery.

Duke University economist William Darity Jr. and his wife Kirsten Mullen came up with the huge total in a report for the Roosevelt Institute titled Resurrecting The Promise of 40 Acres: The Imperative of Reparations for Black Americans.

As part of the plan, Darity is asking for $ 10 to $ 12 trillion to distribute to black households. This would equate to roughly $ 800,000 per capita.

Despite the huge sum demanded, other analysts estimate that the sum owed to the black community is over $ 12 trillion.

While the Biden campaign has yet to publicly unveil a national redress plan, Biden voters seem confident that the long-awaited race-based cash payments will be a key goal for the administration.

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