Stew at the White House, Trump holds bragging media tour, shouts ‘I’m not going to quit’

Sequestered in the White House following a series of high-profile resignations and the murderous riot on the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday that he openly ignited, and with less than two weeks in office, Donald Trump is only up to now not discouraged that he could soon become the first US president to be twice impeached by the House of Representatives. Instead, he’s determined to stay in power and make himself look good – body count aside. According to a source with direct knowledge of the matter, the president at one point in the White House on Friday “literally shouted” the words “I WILL NOT resign”, before launching into a tirade about how Democratic lawmakers they will regret they pushed to dismiss him a second time and that they are doing harm to the “country”.

Two other people familiar with the situation say Trump made other similar comments this week or gave no indication that he was concerned about leaving early or being fired. Trump, the two sources said, also predicted that it was, for him, a pointless undertaking since the soon-to-be Democrat-controlled Senate, now in GOP hands, would never convict him in another impeachment trial, and has asked the advisers if they agreed with him.

In addition to growing calls for his resignation or for the 25th Amendment to be summoned to remove him from office, Trump now faces a possible riot-inciting investigation for his comments to supporters ahead of the Capitol storming. Wednesday.

As of Friday, the president has also been furious on Twitter for banning his @realDonaldTrump account, demanding to know if there were legal remedies for the permanent suspension, Trump relatives say.

White House spokespersons did not respond to a request for comment on Saturday afternoon. But campaign aide Jason Miller, Trump’s current senior adviser, told The Daily Beast on Saturday night, “Be careful what you wish. Big Tech, Big Media, and their friends in the National Democratic Party have a unique ability to outreach, which translates into a strengthening of President Trump’s political base.

In the days following the pro-Trump riot and its death toll, as well as in the final days of a coronavirus outbreak in the United States, the outgoing president has been consumed by his standard regimen of personal grievances and foresees to promote and brag about what he considers his “amazing achievements”, even as some high-level members of his own party begin to distance themselves from his mess.

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