Stop chasing Amy and start chasing Stacey

Democrats, a majority of white women just don’t like you.

I know it’s painful to hear, and I hate to break the news, but one sincere friend who loves you is telling hard truths, while others are writing articles on “economic anxiety” and mountain elegies.

You have spent a lot of time and energy over the past few years chasing Amy and Karen. You crouched in Rust Belt cafes and visited Paneras in the Midwestern suburbs to talk to “real Americans”. You’ve run numerous focus groups and interviewed hundreds of ‘undecided voters’ desperately trying to figure out why they would continue to support a bankrupt businessman and rude misogynist who brags about grabbing women and facing off. about two dozen allegations of sexual assault, and how you could get them to support you instead. Despite all of this, they don’t.

#Stop #chasing #Amy #start #chasing #Stacey

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