Stop congratulating Tom Cruise for berating his crew for COVID

TOm Cruise’s rant to subordinates on the set of Mission: impossible 7 on alleged COVID-19 violations have been widely praised on social media, with many #resistance The figures praising the Hollywood megastar for taking virus precautions seriously.

But The sun, who posted Cruise’s audio Tuesday after he “got angry” after allegedly spotting a pair of crew members chatting near each other by a monitor, only posted a clip without context. We have yet to hear a single member of the crew about what really sparked the furore outfit.

“We’re the gold standard,” he yells over the audio. “They’re back in Hollywood making movies because of us. Because they believe in us and what we do. I’m on the phone with all the fucking studios at night, the insurance companies, the producers and they watch us and use us to make their movies. We’re creating thousands of jobs, motherfuckers. I never want to see him again. Already!”

Cruise, 58, appears to paint himself as a savior of the film industry, insulting and delusional for nearly three minutes his subordinates and threatening their jobs.

“Am I clear? Do you understand what I want? Do you understand the responsibility I have? Because I will handle your sanity, and if you can’t be reasonable and I can’t handle your logic, you’re fired, ”Cruise yells.“ That’s it. That’s it. I trust you to be here.

As a Cruise reporter for several years, the reaction to Cruise’s explosion struck me as strange for several reasons.

First, it is never acceptable behavior to curse and threaten your subordinates. In a work environment, there are better ways to get your point across than to take a power trip and publicly embarrass a few people far below you in the pecking order.

Second, it’s strange to position Cruise as a COVID crusader when at the end of August, as the pandemic raged across the UK, he made a very public display of seeing Principle in a London cinema – filming himself for a video he posted on his social media accounts – to encourage his millions of followers to return to the cinema, against the advice of infectious disease experts.

And third, the Scientology of it all.

Cruise is a Scientologist. His reportedly performed forced abortions and widespread abuse, both bodily and psychological. He was reportedly separated from his young daughter, Suri, for leaving the so-called cult with his mother, Katie Holmes, and was previously involved in a wiretapping plot involving his then-wife Nicole Kidman. When I heard Cruise’s audio, I immediately recalled a conversation I had with Scientology whistleblower Leah Remini, who told me that Cruise was being used by church leader David Miscavige to keep the lower-ranking Scientologists in their place.

“As far as Tom is concerned, it’s very different,” Remini told me. “It is very aware of the abuses that occur in Scientology. He was part of it.

Remini argued that as possibly the world’s second-largest Scientologist, Cruise has intimate knowledge of the internal operations of the Church of Scientology – including its alleged penchant for corporal punishment. Remini even alleges that Cruise personally beat up a high-ranking member of the church on Miscavige’s orders.

“He is David Miscavige’s best friend, so he is aware of the punishments inflicted by David Miscavige, and a senior Scientology executive who was there told me that David Miscavige was constantly threatening the staff at Gold Base. . [Scientology’s international headquarters] by bringing Tom Cruise to Gold Base to kick their asses, ”Remini said.

This abusive side of TC is not often seen. He learned from his boyfriend David Miscavige. It sounds just like himself – same language, same inflection, even: “I have the world on my shoulders and you are giving me the routine” …

– Mike Rinder

Parts of Cruise’s rant – “I’m going to deal with your sanity, and if you can’t be reasonable and I can’t handle your logic, you’re fired” – oddly reminds of the Scientology , which is guided by this. which known as the three pillars of logic. Mike Rinder, a former senior Scientology leader turned whistleblower, noted how much Cruise resembles Miscavige in the audio.

“This abusive side of TC is not often seen. He learned from his friend David Miscavige. Sounds like himself – same language, same inflection, same: “I have the world on my shoulders and you f ** cking me for the ‘routine'” he wrote. “He probably disclosed this thinking it makes him hard.”

The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, was also obsessed with the idea, as he put it, of “making known good works”.

“It is a fatal to think that good works speak for themselves. They don’t. They must be made public. They must be widely promoted and disseminated ”, says The Scientology Handbook, adding: “Anyone who thinks the media will help them is crazy, because the media works for the people who have the money and the power and who intend to destroy the reputation of the person who is attacked by the campaign. black propaganda. “

On March 24, Tony Ortega, a senior Scientology reporter, published a March 13 letter from Miscavige describing COVID as “the current hysteria” and “the planetary bait.” Next week, The Tampa Bay Times alleged that the militant wing of the Church of Scientology, Sea Org, was not taking COVID seriously and was transporting its membership around its home base in Clearwater, Florida on crowded buses. (The church has denied this.) Sensing a public relations disaster, the Church of Scientology has gone out of its way to take COVID seriously – allegedly using an “ozone water system” and “Decon7” A high-priced cleaning agent to fight the virus, as well as sending teams of Scientologists in hazardous material gear to clean offices.

“Their big thing is ‘good works’, or trying to show Scientology is helping society,” Ortega told me. “What they found was they decided they had these chemicals that are the best at disinfecting the environment, and they created these yellow jacket sanitation teams that make the rack. to door to disinfect offices. They’re trying to make it some kind of a PR campaign.

Their other “thing” is threats. When I contacted the Church of Scientology about their COVID practices, they accused The Daily Beast of having a “perverted agenda,” saying, “If you actually look at what we’ve been doing, you’ll wish The Daily Beast have the protocols that we The Church leader has put in our churches. We are working to help others get through this –and that even includes you. “

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