Stop dragging Bernie, he’s saving your ass

As former Vice President Joe Biden centers the final weeks of his campaign around his talent for consolidating the country, he has verbally distanced himself from the notion, amplified by President Donald Trump and his GOP boosters, that he is not a tool of the progressive left. and, certainly, nothing closer to a “socialist”.

In doing so, some progressives believe he let Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) dry out.

The latest case came on Monday night, where he bragged about being “the guy who ran against the Socialists,” when asked by a voter at a Miami town hall about attacks by Republicans believed to raise fears concerning communism and socialism in Cuba and Venezuela. communities. “There isn’t a syllable I have ever said that could make you believe I was a socialist or a communist,” Biden said.

The comment was just one of many recent remarks that Sanders’ allies viewed as a negative tone towards progressives before November 3. And there are many at Sandersworld who have long resisted the urge to criticize Biden until after the election.

“It’s stupid and arrogant,” a former senior Sanders assistant sent in a text message to the Daily Beast late Monday night. “And more importantly, absolutely unnecessary.”

“It’s not as if Republicans stop calling Biden a socialist,” the source close to Sanders continued. “It’s a talking point that they were planning to use no matter what the Democrat won in the primary. Moreover, none of his other opponents in the primary works as hard as “the socialist” to get him elected!

While Biden continues to reject any claim that he is too closely aligned with the party’s most open progressive faction, Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, spent the latter part of the general election campaigning and fundraising in his last name.

On Saturday, he switched to an in-person format, where he hosted an open-air rally in Lebanon, New Hampshire, for his former Senate colleague. Sanders has won Granite State in the last two Democratic presidential primaries, and it’s one of many battlegrounds the Biden campaign is working to keep in the blue in November. During the event, the Vermont senator encouraged his supporters to vote for Biden.

“Which candidate has the temperament to see us go through this difficult crisis?” Sanders asked a socially distanced crowd. “Joe Biden!” attendees responded, according to a report from the pool. “We need Joe Biden as president,” Sanders added.

Earlier Monday, Sanders traveled to Michigan, an important swing state he also won against Hillary Clinton before switching to Trump, where he told young supporters who might be skeptical of Biden to vote for him anyway, according to a separate report.

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