Stop panicking. Joe Biden will become president.

Was a little corner shot on Wednesday? For the first day since the election, no one, or at least no one prominent, in Trumpland has said anything obscene, ridiculous or morally wrong about the election.

Thank God for the little favors. It was a big improvement from Tuesday, when Missouri Senator Roy Blunt said Donald Trump hadn’t lost much “and in fact, he may not have been defeated at all,” and Mike Pompeo made his sick little joke.

Yet it is an incredibly irresponsible situation. It’s over. MORE THAN. And no, we don’t have to give Trump “time”. What is this mess? Now we have to treat Trump like he’s a preschooler, putting him in a corner for a while next to the little poo stool? A fascinating implicit admission, moreover, on the part of the people who trot this line.

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