Sunny Hostin schools from “ The View ” to Bari Weiss on “ Court Packing ”

Bari Weiss has been relatively calm since she canceled herself from The New York Times earlier this year. But with Meghan McCain on maternity leave, there is an opening to View for a relentless contrarian voice and Weiss stepped in as guest host on Tuesday.

The show opened with a discussion of Amy Coney Barrett’s quick confirmation to the Supreme Court, and legal analyst Sunny Hostin was quick to attack the Republican Party for stealing seats from Democrats and pushing right-wing judges in their place.

“We all know the Republican Party has been racing the Supreme Court for decades,” Hostin said. “They’ve been racing the justice system for decades. Trump has now appointed three Supreme Court justices and only dozens and dozens of federal judicial judges. So I think what we’re going to see maybe the Democrats unpacking the Supreme Court so that there is more balance.

“Because right now the Supreme Court does not reflect American values,” she continued. “The Supreme Court now reflects the minority of American values. This is important because it is supposed to truly reflect what a balance of American values ​​is, with a swing justice deciding what the law is. And that is not what we are seeing now. So this will lead, I think, to a unpacking of the tribunal which can lead to 13 judges who would mirror federal appellate courts across the country.

This idea did not suit Weiss, who said, “I don’t understand what Sunny is saying about packing and unpacking the court. Filling the court is about adding more judges to the bench, which people like AOC and Ilhan Omar are advocating. Filling the tribunal doesn’t mean appointing judges that some people don’t like. From there, she attacked Joe Biden for failing to adequately respond to reporters’ questions about whether his administration “would pack the court.”

Whoopi Goldberg tried to jump in and explain that Hostin was talking about the lower courts, but Sunny cut her off to ask, “Can I correct Bari on something?” and then, “I was talking about the Supreme Court, you are wrong.”

“I was talking in particular about the fact that the Supreme Court was crowded and I used those words very specifically,” Hostin continued. She then added: “In order to unpack the Supreme Court, that is to say unpack the culture, unpack the values ​​that are on the Supreme Court – to do that, you will have to add either term limits, ‘age, or you will need to add judges, who balanced the Supreme Court, which would lead to unpacking.

When Hostin noted that Biden had now answered these questions by saying he would create a commission to study the matter in more detail, Weiss retorted, “That doesn’t answer the question, it’s a dodge!”

“He is answering the question in a bipartisan way because he wants this country not to be as divided as it has been,” Hostin replied. “He wants to bring the country together. And one way is to study. the question in a bipartisan way. I think that’s the best answer anyone has really given to this problem. “

Goldberg finally ended the segment by saying that she is “happy” that Biden did not give a direct answer to the question. “I don’t think Americans are used to getting the questions they ask answered now,” she said, “because we have an administration that never answers a question.”

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