Sunrise fake alarm clock review

Until a few months ago, I had always been one of those deranged people who many alarms on their phone to wake up (awful, I know). As a heavy sleeper who’s no stranger to accidentally sleeping through alarms, I thought this chaotic alarm routine was the best way to make sure I didn’t miss out on something important. I would set between 10 and 15 alarms, the first one starting an hour and a half before I had to get up. They went in 10, 15, or 20 minute increments (if you’re scared now, don’t worry, me too). In an attempt to preserve the sanity of my roommates by ending the staccato of alarms that rang through our apartment every weekday morning, I began my search for a real wake-up call.

I knew I wanted the clock to have the ability to set more than one alarm (old habits are dead), looking chic enough that it wasn’t an eyesore next to my bed, and the function of mimicking a sunrise. I quickly found the TITIROBA wake-up light.

The first night I used it I was skeptical. I didn’t think that a light would be enough to wake me up and I was worried that I wouldn’t hear the alarm tones. I put a few back-up alarms on my phone, just in case, and was pleasantly surprised when I woke up seconds after the first alarm the next morning. Not only was I awake, but I felt like I woke up on my own from the usual feeling of being pulled out of the REM by a loud set of artificial chimes, sirens and / or beeps. It turns out that the gradual increase of a fake sunrise, coupled with the sound of chirping birds (my personal choice of the seven alarm options), works far better than any chaotic array of the most tones. incessant and abrasive of my phone.

The sunrise simulation can be set to different brightness levels – the lowest being a dark orange at level one and the highest sitting at almost white light at level 20. You can set two different alarm times and customize sunrise sound and brightness for everyone, plus an option to snooze, if you still want to. At the end of the day, if you’re someone who loves or needs help transitioning to a calming nap, you can turn on Sunset Simulation: a dim light that will gradually fade as you try to get to yourself. fall asleep.

Some advantages that I don’t necessarily have need but really appreciate? There is a USB port on the back which makes it easy to remember to charge my phone while I sleep, you can dim or completely turn off the digital clock display, and the sunrise light can be turned on without alarm to serve as a bedside lamp.

It’s been almost four months since I made the switch and my mornings are much less chaotic. I actually wake up refreshed, I’ve finally deleted the series of alarms that once lived in my clock app, and my roommates no longer want to throw my phone out the window every morning. Safe to say, I will never be back.

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